Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition

Founded in 1990, the Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition, COBFC is a volunteer organization comprised of physicians, nurses, public health officials, dietitians, lactation consultants, counselors, and members of the business community who have led the way for Colorado children to be breastfeeding at the highest rates in the nation. The coalition works closely with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children to reach communities which have historically had low breastfeeding rates.

Our Vision

Colorado is a state where breastfeeding is the norm.

Our Mission

To educate, advocate and collaborate to reduce barriers and support all families to achieve their breastfeeding goals

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Current Strategies:

Infrastructure Development

Goal is to strengthen the organizational infrastructure of the coalition so that the organization is better poised to achieve its mission through the receipt of funding, effectiveness of the board, improved communication, and sustainability of projects.


  • Board development
  • Improved communication
  • Increase funding opportunities
  • Strengthen stakeholder partnerships


Goal is to lead and collaborate with partners to advocate for breastfeeding support in Colorado on behalf of all breastfeeding families and pass appropriate legislation.


  • Pass enforcement provision to the Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Act legislation
  • Support partner organizations advocacy efforts and legislation
  • Gather and understand current breastfeeding related research projects going on around the state and collaborate as able.

Community Engagement

Goal is to engage regularly with the community and provide breastfeeding support, education and awareness through community events, informative handouts and toolkits, and community resources.


  • Host the annual Breastival event free for families throughout Colorado to support and promote breastfeeding.
  • Host an annual networking brunch for lactation professionals to provide an avenue for continued collaboration.
  • Organize a breastfeeding Colorado Rockies Day to normalize and promote breastfeeding.
  • Create Colorado specific information handouts and toolkits.
  • Participate in community events with a focus on reaching populations with racial/ethnic disparities.
  • Host a biennial professional development conference in coordination with La Leche League of Mountain Plains.

COBFC Teams:

Community Engagement

Be involved in community and provide breastfeeding support, education and awareness through community events (Breastival, Networking Brunch, Conference, etc.), informative handouts and toolkits, and community resources.


Help lead and collaborate with partners to advocate for breastfeeding support in Colorado on behalf of all breastfeeding families and pass appropriate legislation, as determined necessary.

Workplace/Child care

Influence and be a part of workplace lactation accommodation and breastfeeding-friendly child care public health initiatives around the state, create informative handouts, advocate and help shape the future of COBFC projects.


Assist in the education of healthcare providers, work to promote Baby-Friendly hospitals and ban formula bags, connect community resources, and gather information on important research going on around the state.

Volunteering for the Coalition

There are always volunteer opportunities with in the coalition. We will try our best to always keep this information updated, however, feel free to contact any board member or committee chair for information. As well, COBFC welcomes ideas and new projects when there is an interest from a volunteer.


of the COBFC
  • Annual Breastival celebration draws over 500 families and 30 vendors each year to provide breastfeeding support to families, celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month, and to normalize breastfeeding. In 2016, COBFC made Colorado history with 200 mothers nursing at the same time.
  • Host an annual professional development conference for lactation and healthcare professionals in the region. In 2016, over 130 individuals and 12 vendors attended the one day conference.
  • Support Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in Colorado and assist hospitals in pursuing and achieving the prestigious designation.
  • Created a new website, new logo and branding, and community information handouts to improve our interaction with the community and strengthen our role as a trusted lactation resource.
  • Received a Business Case for Breastfeeding grant to provide awareness and technical assistance to Colorado employers on the Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Act. Provide mini-grants to local breastfeeding coalitions and COBFC members to provide support in their communities. Please Contact Us for more information.
  • Created 3 YouTube Videos on breastfeeding and returning to work, including the how and why employers should support mothers. Videos are available in Spanish.
  • Publish the Breastfeeding Update, a quarterly newsletter for healthcare and lactation professionals.
  • Participate in the breastfeeding elective offered to 4th year medical students at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.
  • Participated in the 2009-2013 Colorado Can Do 5! Initiative,  completed presentations to Colorado hospitals representing 99% of all Colorado births.