Current COBFC Projects

  • Legislation – currently COBFC is pursuing legislation surrounding an enforcement provision to the Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Act legislation. The current version of the Act requires employers to accommodate breastfeeding mothers and not discriminate against them, however there is no financial penalty if an employer does not comply with the law. Several other states have enforcement provisions and Colorado hopes to join this list.
  • Advocacy – COBFC hopes to plan a breastfeeding Advocacy Day at the state Capital during the 2018 legislative session. Help us plan the day and gather support from the community!
  • Annual Breastival – COBFC’s annual Breastival event is a free event for Colorado families to support and normalize breastfeeding. We are always in need of volunteers to help plan the event and help us work the event on the day of!
  • Events – COBFC is looking to plan a Colorado Rockies Breastfeeding Day and lactation professional’s networking brunch event. Help us organize and plan our events!
  • Handouts – COBFC strives to be a local breastfeeding resource for all Coloradans. This involves creating information handouts specific to our state laws and resources. Have an idea for a handout, know of a resource or want to help create new handouts? Join us!
  • Reducing Barriers – COBFC provides individual technical assistance with healthcare providers, hospitals, employers and child care providers interested in becoming “breastfeeding-friendly.” With the tools and materials developed, COBFC needs volunteers all around the state to provide one-on-one education and support. Help us to reduce breastfeeding barriers in our communities by volunteering!
  • Ban the Bags – COBFC would like to work towards being a state where no hospital in Colorado provides hospital discharge packs that contain free formula. Hospitals should only market health and never provide free marketing for any company, including formula companies. By committing to banning the formula gift bags, breastfeeding will be supported right from the start at Colorado hospitals. Find out more at

Interested in a project – join us and volunteer to help on a project! Contact us today!